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For nearly 40 years we lead companies to choose the best opportunities to obtain loan.

Our team is made up of high-level experts, able to provide financial advice.

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Solutions and Products

All companies, in any sector and of any size, need suitable financial solutions to make the business grow. Our team supports you in achieving your goals at every step.

Transparency and Compliance

Italfinance operates in full compliance with banking and financial regulations to protect the customer. We are committed to complying with the highest ethical standards and to maintaining transparent, legal and professional conduct. Anyone who works in Italfinance is therefore required to operate according to our principles of transparency and compliance.

Work with us

Working with passion and enthusiasm is essential for achieve any goal. This is why we bring together motivated, competent and proactive people. In Italfinance you will find an environment made up of professionals, but also people capable of building relationships. We will inspire you to do your best.

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What we do

We provide you with a Competence Center Energy dedicated to technical and financial advice.

We support entrepreneurs who want to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

We are experts in the initial assessment of technical - economic bankability of projects, also through the calculation of the main indicators aimed at granting a loan or lease.

Our professionals support you step by step, identifying the best financing solution for your projects.


We are experts in the search for funding of photovoltaic systems, having successfully concluded operations for a combined power of over 30 MW.

Our Competence Center provides technical, regulatory, fiscal and financial support for both grid parity and market parity systems, associating, where possible, additional benefits.

For investments aimed at auto-consumption, in addition to the unsecured mortgage and financial leasing, we also operate with operating rental.

In the secondary market, we also assist you in evaluating the possibilities of refinancing or revising the contractual terms of loans already entered into. We also help you in the dialogue with the lender who has provided the mortgage or lease.


We support you in the search for investments with low payback times, to help you reduce business consumption and your company’s dependence on external sourcing, stabilizing the cost of your bill.

Through unsecured mortgages, instrument leasing and operating rental we intervene both in the industrial and tertiary sectors in various contexts.

We take care of the preliminary evaluation of the bankability profile of your project, verifying the best solutions for your specific sector and updating the business plan of the initiative according to appropriate bank schemes and models.

Finally, we select credit institutions and leasing companies to contact and provide assistance in all phases of preparation and disbursement of financing.


We help you choose the best technical, contractual and financial solution for the construction of biomass, biomethane and biogas plants from sustainable supply chain. We carefully analyze the origin and availability of the biomass used to power the plant.

Our Competence Center has an important track-record in the structuring of projects powered by woody biomass, agro-livestock waste and organic fraction of municipal solid waste.


We are able to provide you with in-depth and ongoing advice from the earliest stages of project development.

We deal with the identification of the site, the evaluation of producibility, the optimization of the business plan, the analysis of components, the construction of financing, its characterisation and the identification of the best payment plan towards suppliers.


Over the years we have gained several experiences in the assistance to bank financing "finalized" or leasing (also through the formula of project leasing) for the development of new hydroelectric plants and for the reconstruction of existing plants.

The types of initiatives that can be financed concern flowing water plants, plants inserted in water pipelines and reservoir or storage systems.

Our financial solutions allow us to intervene already from the first phase of the construction site through state-of-the-art financing.

Why do we make a difference

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Comprehensive support at all stages

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Broad vision of opportunities

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Transparency and Clarity

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Continuous support and assistance

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Tailored solutions

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Time and cost savings

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Collecting documents at the closing

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Qualified personnel

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Mediation with the banks and the credit companies

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Immediate pre-evaluation

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Multiple solutions to obtain loans

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Competitiveness of financing products

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Accurate analysis of the company needs

Experts to your service, trust our expertise!

Our team of experts is available to provide professional services in line with your needs.

Trust our experts for specialized professional advices. Trust our experience.
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