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For nearly 40 years we lead companies to choose the best opportunities to obtain loan.

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All companies, in any sector and of any size, need suitable financial solutions to make the business grow. Our team supports you in achieving your goals at every step.

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Italfinance operates in full compliance with banking and financial regulations to protect the customer. We are committed to complying with the highest ethical standards and to maintaining transparent, legal and professional conduct. Anyone who works in Italfinance is therefore required to operate according to our principles of transparency and compliance.

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Working with passion and enthusiasm is essential for achieve any goal. This is why we bring together motivated, competent and proactive people. In Italfinance you will find an environment made up of professionals, but also people capable of building relationships. We will inspire you to do your best.

Glossary and FAQs

Your questions answered.

Consult this section to find answers to your doubts, clarify concepts and discover the meaning of the most common terms used in the finance sector.

How long is the rental period?

The minimum rental period can start from 18 months and the fees are fully deductible for IRES and IRAP purposes regardless of the depreciation period.

What are the differences between leasing and rental?

Leasing and rental are two very useful tools for companies to plan productive investments.
Leasing and rental are two different tools of which one is not necessarily preferable to the other, but the choice depends mainly on the needs of the customer.

At the end of the rental agreement, what are the possibilities for the customer?

Once the rental contract is terminated there are more options that the customer can sift through.
You can close the contract by returning the goods, extend the duration of the contract for a fixed period of time with the same supplier possibly replacing the goods.

At the end of the rental agreement it is also possible to purchase the goods from the supplier.

What is the difference between phase 1 and phase 2 of the programme “h2020 innovation in sme”?

In phase 1 the feasibility study is financed, in phase 2 the development of the new product/service and its launch on the market.

What percentage of contribution can I get through the community programme “h2020 innovation in sme”?

A non-repayable contribution of 70% of the expenditure incurred is foreseen.

Who can benefit from the tax credit for research and development?

It is open to all companies investing in research and development, regardless of their legal form, the economic sector in which they operate and the accounting system used.

Who can help me connect with foreign financial institutions?

We provide you with a consultancy and brokerage service to interface correctly and incisively with foreign banking and financial institutions, in order to develop all financial instruments to support the business (Bank Credit, Leasing, Factoring, Structured Finance)

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How can I grant my client safe deferred payment terms?

You can offer your customer an ad hoc credit line for the deferred payment of the supply while you will be guaranteed immediate collection. 

Alternatively, there are insurance products that guarantee you against non-payment for both commercial and political reasons (country risk). 

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How can I finance my exports worldwide?

The solutions are many, these will be tailored to the commercial needs of your company.

  • you can access credit lines at competitive rates because they are supported by insurance coverage on trade credits;
  • you can be facilitated in finding an Italian bank willing to confirm foreign documentary credits (e.g. "letters of credit") thanks to insurance coverage on the risk of insolvency of the issuing bank;

Thanks to special guarantees, you can offer your foreign customer important terms of payment while monetizing your credits immediately.

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How can I finance the development of my business?

Using sources of bank finance

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How can I finance an energy project?

Through financial leasing, mortgage, project financing.

How can I participate in jobs, bids or contracts abroad?

You can improve your competitiveness by issuing bonds or guarantees required by contract (bid bond, performance bond, advance payment bond) or by offering insurance coverage on the risks associated with the construction of civil and industrial plants and works.

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How can I overcome my difficulties in accessing credit for internationalization?

Through specific guarantees provided to obtain financing for growth on international markets, specific investments or to finance foreign subsidiaries

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How can I transform my foreign credits into immediate liquidity?

Through Factoring and Forfaiting you can demobilize the credits that your company boasts to one or more customers thus improving liquidity and having the certainty of receipts.

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How is the activity of the credit broker?

In support of the customer putting him in relationship with new banking realities and managing the relationships directly.

How can I evaluate the bankability of an energy project ?

Depending on the type of investment, percentage of available equity, predictability and stability of revenue flows and of course through the expertise of an expert advisor.

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How is the R&D tax credit calculated from 2017?

First of all we must calculate the research and development costs of the reference year: the tax credit will be equal to 50% of the incremental difference of the previous value compared to the average of the costs incurred in the three-year period 2012-2014.

What is operational rental?

The operating rental is an alternative formula to the purchase and leasing that allows a company, against payment of a periodic rent, to have the availability for a fixed term of an asset together with a series of related services.

The rental company buys directly from a supplier chosen by the customer the goods subject to the rental.



Do I have to apply for the R&D tax credit?

No, it’s an automatic incentive. It is only necessary to prepare the reporting of the costs incurred.

Emergency covid19! What can we do for your company?

The Coronavirus emergency has been a fact for several months now in our country with serious economic consequences for businesses; it is SMEs that suffer the most serious consequences and significantly affect the national economic setback; In this regard, Our Group has activated several operational tools in this regard, which we are already using to support our customer Companies.

Our goal has never changed, as Italfinance Group we continue to commit ourselves to supporting companies, but especially people, entrepreneurs. We are at the forefront with entrepreneurs, we support them in their requests for liquidity financing.

We will talk to the banks and relieve you of all duties!

Is the Liquidity Decree a problem you can’t solve? Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on your funding. A professional is at your disposal!

How long can I benefit from the tax credit for research and development?

The current legislation is valid until 2020.

Is factoring an alternative to banking?

Factoring is not an alternative to bank credit except for the needs of management of supply credits by companies. 

This is demonstrated by the fact that the banks themselves are the first promoters of the most important factoring operations either directly or through their factoring companies. 

Factoring, in addition to a financial technique, is a true management support that includes the advance of credits before their expiry, the administration and assessment of the reliability of customers, the management and collection of credits, LA in the recovery phase in addition to ensuring the success of many operations.

Factoring is a real management service and is therefore not directly comparable with traditional financial instruments, such as bank credit. 

From the financial point of view, it requires, compared to the bank, a lower amount of capital as well as having higher expectations of debt recovery in case of default of the customer. 

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Is there an advance on the lease?

No, it does not provide an advance, in fact, all rents are equal.

How long does the European Commission evaluate projects “h2020 innovation in sme”?

Normally the evaluation of projects is carried out in about 40 days.

Is the average tax credit for research and development mobile?

No, it’s always about the three-year period 2012-2014.

Do I address the banks already in relationship or should I contact other institutions?

In the first place I involve the banks in relationship but I must keep in mind that being already entrusted they could not increase the lines of credit, therefore in order to widen the base of the relationships and to pick new opportunities I better address to new Institutes.

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In hyperamortization (Industria 4.0) when is the mandatory requirement of a simple and intuitive interface met?

The condition is met when the machine is equipped with a hardware system (on board the machine or remotely) interface with the operator for monitoring and/or controlling the machine itself. Simple and intuitive means that interfaces must be able to read even under one of the following conditions:

  • wearing personal protective equipment to be fitted to the operator;
  • allow the reading without errors in the environmental conditions of the production department (lighting, positioning of interfaces on machines, presence of agents that can dirty or spoil interaction systems, etc.).

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Why is important your banking rating?

Underestimating one’s banking rating is a serious mistake that is being paid dearly today. The rating expresses the opinion of how others see our company in terms of reliability and safety. 
Not to invest on its improvement would be for this nonsense since the companies that do not like the banks are in fact companies that nobody wants because they have no market and value. 
Understanding how to improve your company’s rating, what dynamics affect it and being able to monitor it brings a huge advantage in terms of visibility, time and money spent especially to access credit today. Not knowing the importance of having a good banking rating means having a company that will be neglected by everyone, spending time looking for solutions that do not exist and losing opportunities.

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Why is the choice of one bank not worth the other?

Choosing one bank for your business over another is an aspect that if underestimated could really test your patience and confidence in the system.  

Today one bank is not worth the other but each has its own credit policies, its timing, ways, sectors and fields of investment where to provide credit to the company. 

Update on the panorama offered, have concrete examples of success and failure, Knowing immediately the most appropriate solutions when choosing a bank is certainly a strong competitive advantage that only those who really work in the field of credit mediation can offer you. 

Not giving importance to the choice of the right bank for your investment and your business can make you miss interesting opportunities as well as leave you for too long waiting for answers that will never come.

Why contact Italfinance for consulting about operational rental?

The division of the operating chartering guided from Nicola Barbi represents a point of excellence of the group; among the main partners are top players in the sector that allow to support customers in both small and medium operations with speed and bureaucratic streamlining, both in structured transactions where the assessment of the client’s credit standing is a fundamental element.

The team has a network of consultants that operates throughout the country, with prevalence in areas of the north - central Italy.

Why use the factoring?

Factoring is used by all companies that have a deficit between the payments they must receive from their customers and those they must make to their suppliers. This deficit is often commercial in nature and is motivated by the greater contractual strength of the customer towards the factoring user.

The real value of this financial instrument is offered by the management of the assigned credits that is completely entrusted to the factoring company that takes care of the assembly of the customers, the administration of the relationship, reinsurance, reminder and all recovery and collection procedures. 

Companies that have average ratings on the banking system and cannot get more credit with factoring can find a viable alternative to growth and development. 

Factoring is an element of consolidation of relationships since it prioritizes lasting relationships between customer and supplier.

Not knowing the benefits of this tool can prove to be a strong limit to the growth of many businesses. 

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Can I combine the contribution from "h2020 innovation in sme" with the tax credit for research and development?

Yes, but the sum of the two incentives must does not exceed the cost actually incurred.

Can I re-submit a project "h2020 innovation in sme" that has not been funded?

Yes, you can re-submit it without any limit.

Can only one company participate in the "h2020 innovation in sme" or is necessary a partnership?

Both solutions are possible.

What documentation is required to proceed with a pre-evaluation of the proposal?

It is necessary the certificate of incorporation (at least 2 years of activity), the telephone number or a mobile phone number, the iban, the ID of the Legal rappresentative, the tax code of the Legal rappresentative, the provisional and final balance sheet/last two unique models for amounts > 10,000,00.

What is the best way to get funding?

Use qualified credit brokers who maintain relationships with several banks.

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Which factoring company should I choose?

Depending on the type of customer, the credit transferred and the market within which the companies make the choice of the correct factoring company is crucial. 

The right advice in this regard offered by those who are not directly interested in promoting their factoring company can really make a difference. 

The market offer is very vast and articulated, the possibility that the choice of the wrong factoring company makes this tool an unnecessary bureaucratic burden can be very high.

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Which institutions finance a hydroelectric project?

Depending on the characteristics of the investment, we can help you to find the most suitable ones that offer the best conditions.

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What financial products do they offer?

All Ordinary Finance products-application for overdrafts,invoice and Ri.Ba advances, contract advances, import and export advances etc. - and also of the so-called Extraordinary Finance such as Unsecured financing for business development. Mortgage financing for asset purchase, bank debt restructuring etc.

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What are the mistakes to avoid when asking for credit?

Often, when you meet a bank, you underestimate many aspects that today are essential. The management of the meeting has in fact important implications on the relationship that will have to be held with the institution. 

When you need to ask for credit, how you should ask for it, and the consequences of your unpreparedness demonstrated during interviews with banks are decisive for the future and reliability of your business. 

Learn to interpret the signals received, better manage the relationship with banks is now possible by applying and introducing a real method in the company. The immediate benefits involve the control of your rating, the awareness of the charges you pay, the study of possible solutions to be adopted in case of need. 


What are the costs eligible for the R&D tax credit?

Eligible costs are: technical personnel, contract research, tools and equipment, patents.

What are the requirements that the customer must have to use the operating rental?

The company must be Italian and in business for more than 2 years. It must be enrolled in the CCIAA and there must be no defaults or trespasses in the Central Risks.

What are the advantages of renting for the customer?

The rental involves tax advantages, in fact the rental fees are totally deductible for the purposes of IRES, IRAP regardless of the duration of the contract. With the rental is eliminated any problem on depreciation and management of business assets. A further advantage of renting is that the asset is NOT on the balance sheet and NOT debt (no IAS/IFRS financial statements).

From the financial and economic point of view with the rental the liquidity in the company is maintained improving the company cash flow, it increases the spending capacity with an alternative credit line.

The rental may include all services related to the supply such as installation and scheduled maintenance with the advantage of paying a total installment.

When is the expert report required to benefit from over-depreciation (Industria 4.0)?

The sworn technical assessment is mandatory for assets of more than 500 thousand euros. For smaller amounts, it is sufficent just a statement from the legal representative.

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How much can cost me a support from a credit broker and what do they offer differently?

The qualified Brokers examine the customer’s data, draw up a proposal in line with his needs and in line with the Financial Market. Their compensation is only to "success of the operation".

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Are advances made in the "h2020 innovation in sme"?

In phase 1 the advance is fixed at 40%. In phase 2 it is variable, but usually a percentage between 30% and 50% of the expenses is always disbursed.

Is a bank guarantee required to have an advance in the "h2020 innovation in sme"?

No, no warranty is required.

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