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For nearly 40 years we lead companies to choose the best opportunities to obtain loan.

Our team is made up of high-level experts, able to provide financial advice.

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All companies, in any sector and of any size, need suitable financial solutions to make the business grow. Our team supports you in achieving your goals at every step.

Transparency and Compliance

Italfinance operates in full compliance with banking and financial regulations to protect the customer. We are committed to complying with the highest ethical standards and to maintaining transparent, legal and professional conduct. Anyone who works in Italfinance is therefore required to operate according to our principles of transparency and compliance.

Work with us

Working with passion and enthusiasm is essential for achieve any goal. This is why we bring together motivated, competent and proactive people. In Italfinance you will find an environment made up of professionals, but also people capable of building relationships. We will inspire you to do your best.

International Finance

What we do

We provide comprehensive support to companies that have business relations with foreign countries.

We deal with mediation and advice both for international contexts and for the trade of goods and services. We assist companies in developing joint ventures, opening foreign subsidiaries and selling assets to customers located outside the country.

Through the two macro-areas of expertise of our international division, International Corporate Finance and Trade Finance, we offer qualified advice to companies wishing to operate in a supranational environment.


In order to be open to the international market and to interact with local banking and financial operators, you need to have strong skills.
The most requested transactions concern foreign bank credit, leasing and factoring on foreign markets, financing for internationalization, structured finance and equity participation of funds related to foreign or multinational entities.
Our team of experts is able to accompany you step by step in all these operations until you reach your business goals.


Trade Finance is closely related to international trade, and involves a thorough knowledge of specific products.

Our team can provide you with expert advice on export credit, factoring and forfeiting, credit insurance, sureties, risk coverage, guarantees and investment protection.


We can support you in the integration programs in foreign markets, low-interest loans for investments linked to export and internationalisation activities, and low-interest loans to capitalise small and medium-sized exporting enterprises.

We are also able to provide support for subsidised public funding for the international development of businesses. We also provide ordinary financing for the development of foreign subsidiaries, through OpeEx Financing (financing of foreign banks to support the needs of working capital by foreign subsidiaries) and CapEx Financing (financing for the purchase of capital goods for the benefit of foreign subsidiaries).


We are experts in export credit, implemented through specific lines of credit granted at competitive rates by leading Italian and foreign institutions, based on the insurance of underlying commercial credits. Our areas of expertise include supplier credit, buyer credit, project finance and documentary credit confirmation.


Our team provides advice in Export Factoring, that is in the demobilization of short-term credits to foreign debtors, using traditional or customized factoring solutions.

We are experts in Forfaiting, a transaction that involves the collection in pro solute of commercial credit certificates, received by the Italian company providing an asset against an export, and the granting to the foreign importer of payment deferrals in the medium term.

We are also able to manage Import Factoring, the transaction by which a factoring company liquidates a foreign supplier, allowing the Italian importer to benefit from a payment delay.


We have a long experience in the risk insurance of non-payment of foreign credits, for commercial and political reasons, through the partnership with leading international companies. Our areas of expertise include both global coverage, with full foreign turnover insurance, and partial coverage, with the insurance of turnover related to repeated transactions to a specific market or to a selected group of foreign customers.


We help your company improve its supply competitiveness.

If you decide to take part in tenders and contracts for the assignment of works abroad, we provide you with advice on deposits and cover against the risks associated with the construction of plants and works.


We facilitate access to credit for your company, through coverage of funding provided by the banking system for activities abroad. We deal with financial guarantees aimed at growth in international markets (internationalization guarantee), for investments abroad, (investment guarantee) and for the financing of foreign subsidiaries (working capital guarantee). We are also experts in Export Development Funds for foreign growth and investment protection projects.


Our team is able to provide specialized advice in the participation of funds in venture capital of foreign companies with Italians investee companies. This can be done through institutional partners, Private Equity Funds, Venture Capital Funds or Start-Up Funds: together we will study for you the solution that best suits your needs.

Why do we make a difference

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Transparency and Clarity

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Continuous support and assistance

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Tailored solutions

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Immediate pre-evaluation

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Competitiveness of financing products

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Comprehensive support at all stages

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Accurate analysis of the company needs

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Multiple solutions to obtain loans

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Mediation with the banks and the credit companies

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Qualified personnel

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Collecting documents at the closing

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Time and cost savings

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Broad vision of opportunities

Glossario e Faq

How can I finance my exports worldwide?

The solutions are many, these will be tailored to the commercial needs of your company.

  • you can access credit lines at competitive rates because they are supported by insurance coverage on trade credits;
  • you can be facilitated in finding an Italian bank willing to confirm foreign documentary credits (e.g. "letters of credit") thanks to insurance coverage on the risk of insolvency of the issuing bank;

Thanks to special guarantees, you can offer your foreign customer important terms of payment while monetizing your credits immediately.

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