About us

For nearly 40 years we lead companies to choose the best opportunities to obtain loan.

Our team is made up of high-level experts, able to provide financial advice.

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Solutions and Products

All companies, in any sector and of any size, need suitable financial solutions to make the business grow. Our team supports you in achieving your goals at every step.

Transparency and Compliance

Italfinance operates in full compliance with banking and financial regulations to protect the customer. We are committed to complying with the highest ethical standards and to maintaining transparent, legal and professional conduct. Anyone who works in Italfinance is therefore required to operate according to our principles of transparency and compliance.

Work with us

Working with passion and enthusiasm is essential for achieve any goal. This is why we bring together motivated, competent and proactive people. In Italfinance you will find an environment made up of professionals, but also people capable of building relationships. We will inspire you to do your best.

Why choose us

What we offer

Tailored solutions, transparency and reliability: these are the main reasons why you can rely on us at every stage of financing process.

For nearly 40 years we have been leading companies in specific areas of financial consulting and credit brokerage.

We support you in economic-financial planning to improve your bank rating. We work with passion and team spirit, listening to your needs and guiding you step by step until you reach your financial goals: this is what make us stand out.

We offer specific advice on all issues concerning credit access, proposing a wide range of highly competitive financing products available on the market. The solutions we present are customized according to your needs. We assist you in every phase of the financing process, with transparency, always ensuring you maximum simplification of the required documentation.

Our Mission

We are committed to guaranteeing added value to the companies that turn to us.

We have always been committed to ensuring a value for companies who come to us.

We want to make a difference and, to achieve this goal, we continue to improve the quality of services offered, always placing the needs of clients at the center of our work.

You will always be supported by one of our Consultants with solid experience in the financial sector who will propose the most effective solutions.


Our Values

Efficiency, effectiveness and affordability: these are the principles behind our work.

In addressing new challenges, all companies need the support of specialized financial consultants who know how to evaluate business potential, investments and projects, finding the best financial solutions available on the market.

Italfinance is always by your side to satisfy this needs, working with competence, enthusiasm and discretion.

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Specific consultancy for credit access

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Competitive financing products

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Tailored solutions

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Simplified documentation

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Continuous support and assistance

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Transparence and clarity

Ongoing training

The work of a competent consultant is measured not only by his experience, but also by continuous professional training.

Our knowledge on current financial issues has always been appreciated and, for this reason, we are consultants also for many trade associations, credit institutions and enterprise networks and even for primary vendors, also on a multinational level.

Italfinance Consulenti per il Credito Agevolato srl counts among its staff three Business Coaches recognized by the European Commission within the European network EEN (Enterprise Europe Network), in support of Italian SMEs.

During the years it has also launched an intense information activity, showed by papers about credit facility published by Il Sole24Ore and by the attendance as speakers in seminars, workshops and conferences organized by the most important business associations.

Our consultants support companies acting quickly and effectively.

Our experts work alongside companies and support them acting quickly and effectively.
We care about personal growth of the people who work with us and, for this reason, we invest in our human capital with ongoing professional training courses.
We also believe that work with maximum effort is essential to exceed expectations of our clients.

Experts to your service, trust our expertise!

Our team of experts is available to provide professional services in line with your needs.

Respect for your privacy is our priority

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