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All companies, in any sector and of any size, need suitable financial solutions to make the business grow. Our team supports you in achieving your goals at every step.

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Italfinance operates in full compliance with banking and financial regulations to protect the customer. We are committed to complying with the highest ethical standards and to maintaining transparent, legal and professional conduct. Anyone who works in Italfinance is therefore required to operate according to our principles of transparency and compliance.

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ESG Services Sustainability

What we do

We offer a comprehensive and customized service, guiding companies on their ESG journey.

ESG is the acronym for Environmental, Social, and Governance, the three areas that measure a company’s sustainability: it concerns the ability to communicate its goals, activities, results, and business model in relation to the three indicated factors in a transparent and detailed manner. 

The topic is of great importance because it is increasingly demanded by all stakeholders of a company: regulators, consumers, banks, investors, large enterprises, and value chains.

ESG is also an opportunity for companies to improve performance, reputation, innovation, and resilience capacity. Starting from 2024, all companies will have to progressively report on advancements related to environmental, social, and organizational impact.

Italfinance’s proposal is structured with various services:


The ESG Assessment is an evaluation process that measures a company’s performance based on Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria, resulting in an ESG positioning or rating. This process is used to:

  • Identify Areas of Intervention: determine in which areas the company needs to improve to align with ESG standards.
  • Knowledge of Performance: provide a clear view of the company’s current environmental, social, and governance performance.
  • Basis for the Sustainability Report: establish a starting point for the drafting of a more detailed sustainability report.


The Sustainability Report or Accountability Statement is a document in which the company outlines its sustainable development plan and any progress made in environmental, social, and governance areas. It can be integrated into the company’s annual report or published as a separate document, including information on:

  • Use of energy resources: distinguishing between those produced from renewable and non-renewable sources.
  • Use of water resources and related sustainable management policies.
  • Emissions: data on greenhouse gas emissions and atmospheric pollutants.
  • Environmental impact: assessments of the impact of company activities on the environment, health, and safety.
  • Social aspects: information on personnel management, including gender equality and respect for human rights.
  • Corporate ethics: actions taken to improve governance.


The training of the manager or in-house ESG expert is an educational journey aimed at developing specific competencies in the field of corporate sustainability, following the criteria of Environmental, Social, and Governance. This training includes:

  • Knowledge of ESG Criteria: in-depth study of the principles of environmental, social, and governance sustainability.
  • Reporting Skills: learning the techniques for drafting sustainability reports and non-financial reports.
  • Risk Management: training on how to integrate ESG factors into corporate risk management.
  • Sustainable Leadership: development of leadership skills to guide the organization towards sustainability goals.
  • Competency Certification: the opportunity to obtain recognized certifications that validate the competencies acquired in the ESG field.
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