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For nearly 40 years we lead companies to choose the best opportunities to obtain loan.

Our team is made up of high-level experts, able to provide financial advice.

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Solutions and Products

All companies, in any sector and of any size, need suitable financial solutions to make the business grow. Our team supports you in achieving your goals at every step.

Transparency and Compliance

Italfinance operates in full compliance with banking and financial regulations to protect the customer. We are committed to complying with the highest ethical standards and to maintaining transparent, legal and professional conduct. Anyone who works in Italfinance is therefore required to operate according to our principles of transparency and compliance.

Work with us

Working with passion and enthusiasm is essential for achieve any goal. This is why we bring together motivated, competent and proactive people. In Italfinance you will find an environment made up of professionals, but also people capable of building relationships. We will inspire you to do your best.

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Facilitated Finance

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What we do

Our team provides advice on how to obtain grants and subsidized funding, including within the PNRR.

We provide advice for investment projects in capital goods, technological innovation, Research & Development and for liquidity needs.

Our team of experienced consultants will support you at every stage of the process until you get contributions, always with the utmost discretion, competence and professionalism.

Relying on our experts, you will be sure to count on a team of specialists, who propose only the best solutions in line with your interests.


Italy is at the side of the enterprises through notices, investments and facilitations. Our consultants will guide you to the best opportunities and tools.


If you have invested or intend to invest in the purchase of new machinery, plant and equipment for your company, there are several facilities that could help you achieve your business goals:

  • Nuova Sabatini: is a non-repayable contribution of 7-10% for SMEs wishing to purchase new capital equipment.
  • Credito d’Imposta 4.0: is a tax credit for investments in capital goods of Industria 4.0.
  • Crediti d’imposta per gli investimenti al Sud e ZES: is a tax credit of up to 45% on investments in new capital goods in the regions of Southern Italy and in ZES (Special Economic Zones).


If you plan to make investments in machinery, plant, capital goods and new factory equipment for production use for Industria 4.0, these are the benefits that make for you:

  • Iperammortamento: increased depreciation for those who purchased capital equipment type 4.0 from 2017 to 2019.
  • Credito d'imposta 4.0: tax credit equal to 40/50% of the value of the assets for those who purchased new capital goods of type Industria 4.0 from 2020 to 2022. The 20% is instead previewed for the goods acquired beginning from 1 January 2023.
  • Nuova Sabatini 4.0: grant of about 10% of the value of the investment for the purchase of new Industria 4.0 capital equipment.

Other support services:

  • Supporto per la continuità 4.0: inspection and release of documentation attesting the continuity 4.0 of the company, useful in case of control by the Revenue Agency.
  • Comunicazioni al MIMI (Ministero delle Imprese e del Made in Italy) for Credito d’imposta 4.0.


  •  Development contracts (industry, tourism, environment and processing of agricultural products)
  •  Transition 4.0
  •  Hydrogen production in disused industrial areas
  •  Hydrogen in hard-to-abate sectors
  •  Development of electric charging infrastructure
  •  Agro-photovoltaic
  •  National Tourism Fund
  •  FRI-Tur


Preparation of CE certifications or recertifications for machines and plants.


Tax credit on quarterly bills for the purchase of energy or gas up to 45% for energy-intensive enterprises and up to 35% for non-enervorous enterprises and up to 45% for gas-consuming and non-gas-consuming enterprises.


If you are making or intend to make investments in Research & Development, here are the facilities that make for you:

  • R&D tax credit, ecological transition, technological innovation 4.0 and other innovative activities
  • Patent Box


The regions also provide interesting opportunities and facilities for businesses, and even in this case your reality can find a safe guide with our experts.


Lombardy Region offers various interesting facilities:

  • CREDITO ADESSO EVOLUTION: is a soft loan and non-repayable grant for all SMEs in Lombardy that need working capital.
  • PACCHETTO INVESTIMENTI 2023: these are subsidised loans and grants for 3 investment lines:
    • Linea sviluppo aziendale, business development programs aimed at the modernization and expansion of the production site with an amount between € 100 thousand and € 3 million.
    • Linea attrazione investimenti, start-up of a production plant in a new operating site or expansion of an existing one for a minimum of € 200,000 and a maximum of € 10 million.
    • Linea Green, incentives for energy efficiency interventions of production plants from € 100,000 to € 10 million accompanied by energy diagnosis.


Assistance service on a wide range of regional concessional instruments, in all Italian Regions, in the field of investments in plant and machinery, energy efficiency, research & development, tourism, including a careful assessment of the possibility and limits of the cumulation of benefits.

Why do we make a difference

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Transparency and Clarity

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Continuous support and assistance

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Tailored solutions

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Immediate pre-evaluation

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Competitiveness of financing products

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Comprehensive support at all stages

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Broad vision of opportunities

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Time and cost savings

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Collecting documents at the closing

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Qualified personnel

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Mediation with the banks and the credit companies

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Multiple solutions to obtain loans

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Accurate analysis of the company needs

Experts to your service, trust our expertise!

Our team of experts is available to provide professional services in line with your needs.

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